Working at Rotamap

Rotamap is not only an employee-owned company, but an employee-led one. This means that all employees have a say in aspects that affect the whole company, from day-to-day processes to long-term strategy. This principle forms the heart of our working culture and helps us to fulfil one of one of our foundational goals:

To provide interesting and rewarding work for the company’s employees that engages the whole person.

We believe the collective experiences of colleagues to be an invaluable source of knowledge. Through a distributed decision-making process, Rotamap employees have the power to make tangible changes to both our software and our organisation.

Intention/proposal process

Using a unique intention/proposal process, Rotamap colleagues can put forward their own ideas for new projects or changes to company processes. After seeking feedback from colleague advisors, not only are the ideas themselves refined, but the individual ‘proposer’ can learn and gain experience quickly whilst making a real difference to the company and our NHS clients.

The intention/proposal process is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding and enriching aspects of working life at Rotamap and is just one of a number of systems we’ve designed to create a lively and fulfilling work environment. As with all aspects of design, this is something that we aim to iteratively improve, particularly as we continue to welcome new colleagues.

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