CLWRota helps departments at more than 120 UK NHS Trusts plan, operate and report on anaesthetic activity by providing powerful online tools for inter and extra-departmental communication and coordination. CLWRota helps coordinate more than 17,000 anaesthetists.

Introduction to CLWRota

CLWRota helps departments present a clear overview of the service that is planned and then delivered. Data and reports are readily available and provide information that helps departments to shape and model their service. Mapping allows for rota information to be shared between departments to improve communication and collaboration within and across teams.

Rotamaps services help departments to plan future activity, adapt that plan to meet changes in demand and capacity, and report on activity that's been delivered to analyse depatmental performance. Use this data to help inform improvements to future plans, maximising the use of your clincal workforce and streamlining service delivery.

Key features

Plan future activity

based on fixed or flexible working patterns and changing service demands.

  • Add automatically repeating patterns of work
  • Track delivery of activity against flexible annualised contracts
  • Add minimum required staffing levels

Manage changes

to live rotas quickly and accurately to meet changes in demand and capacity.

  • Manage leave requests
  • Make ad hoc adjustments to activity
  • Automatically communicate late notice changes
  • Offer out uncovered sessions to clinicians

Ensure compliance

with rules such as Junior Doctor Contract regulations.

  • Monitor compliance for cohorts
  • Run compliance checks at the point of assignment
  • Resolve Exception Reports with elected supervisors

Share information

with the right people quickly and easily.

  • Configure automated alerts to theatre planning teams, secretaries and others
  • Share rota information with other specialties that use Medirota
  • Integrate seamlessly with other systems
  • Enable clinicians to link the rota with their personal calendar
  • Improve coordination and utilisation of shared resources, such as Theatres

Pull reports and KPIs

on departmental performance, including planned sessions, sessions worked, and leave taken.

  • Monitor capacity and demand
  • Submit clinicians’ absence & attendance records to ESR
  • Compare performance against other NHS Trusts using benchmarking data

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

put one up-to-date rota in everyone’s pockets.

  • Check the rota on the go
  • Receive automated notifications of changes to activity
  • Submit requests for leave and check leave bookings
  • Submit requests to work uncovered sessions

What our users say

"After having CLWRota for only two weeks from order, Aintree University Hospital saved 6 sessions in the week of 14th February alone."

–Steve Weston, Clinical Business Manager, Anaesthetics, Theatres and Critical Care, University Hospital Aintree

"...if you save one session a year per consultant the system has paid for itself. To me it is an absolute no-brainer."

–Dr Tony Beaumont, former Clinical Director, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust

"CLWRota has contributed to increased efficiency across the department, which has resulted in us delivering on average four sessions a week more since adopting the system."

–Pippa Woodcock, Clinical Services Manager, Anaesthetics and Critical Care, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust