CLWRota helps departments at more than 120 UK NHS Trusts plan, operate and report on anaesthetic activity by providing powerful online tools for inter and extra-departmental communication and coordination. CLWRota helps coordinate more than 17,000 anaesthetists.

Introduction to CLWRota

CLWRota helps departments present a clear overview of the service that is planned and then delivered. Data and reports are readily available and provide information that helps departments to shape and model their service. Mapping allows for rota information to be shared between departments to improve communication and collaboration within and across teams.


CLWRota helps departments plan for future activity based on job plans and service demands. CLWRota also accommodates flexible working patterns and annualised job plans.


CLWRota allows quick and accurate changes to be made to live rotas, helping departments meet changes in demand and capacity.


CLWRota provides easily accessible data on departmental performance, including the number of planned sessions, the actual number of sessions worked, and detailed leave reports.


Our mobile app puts one up-to-date rota in everyone's pockets. Clinicians can request leave via the mobile app, and "bid" to work uncovered sessions that are offered out by the rota team.

Leave requests

The leave system allows users to request leave, which enters a queue for the rota master to approve or reject. In addition to this, departments can choose to allow automatic approval for requests that meet a set of pre determined rules.


Rota Master users are able to offer out uncovered sessions via the Bids system. Anaesthetists who are not already working can request to cover activity offered to them as a session type of their choosing (either standard or extra) via their web login or mobile app.


The mapping feature on CLWRota allows users to see who they are working with from other specialties if they are using Medirota.

What our users say

"After having CLWRota for only two weeks from order, Aintree University Hospital saved 6 sessions in the week of 14th February alone."

–Steve Weston, Clinical Business Manager, Anaesthetics, Theatres and Critical Care, University Hospital Aintree

"...if you save one session a year per consultant the system has paid for itself. To me it is an absolute no-brainer."

–Dr Tony Beaumont, former Clinical Director, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust

"CLWRota has contributed to increased efficiency across the department, which has resulted in us delivering on average four sessions a week more since adopting the system."

–Pippa Woodcock, Clinical Services Manager, Anaesthetics and Critical Care, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust