Central Reporting

Central Reporting provides powerful online tools for coordinating department rotas in a Trust, reporting on key measures of departmental performance, and streamlining data flows between departments and central teams.

Key features

Monitor departments' health

by tracking their use of CLWRota and Medirota.

  • Monitor progress during the initial rollout of Rotamap's services
  • Track how far in advance activity is being planned
  • Assess departments' use of specific features to determine how activity is being coordinated

Departmental service reports

provide valuable insight into departmental performance, and inform improvements to service delivery.

  • Planned vs Achieved reports help determine whether departments' delivery of activity matches their initial service plan
  • Use Variability over Time (XmR) charts to assess the stability of departments' processes
  • Pull Heatmaps to analyse the concentration and frequency of specific metrics

Organisation-wide reports & KPIs

can be used to analyse and improve service delivery across the organisation as a whole.

  • Streamline the flow of Exception Reports to the right people
  • Pull organisation-wide absence reports
  • Create bespoke reports using the Reports Builder
  • Monitor extra / locum spend across the organisation

Process payments for leave / extra work

to ensure the right payments are made to the right people at the right time.

  • Configure payment rates to streamline payment processes
  • Review departments' claims for leave and extra work and submit them to external systems, such as ESR

Rotamaps services help departments to plan future activity, adapt that plan to meet changes in demand and capacity, and report on activity that's been delivered to analyse depatmental performance. Use this data to help inform improvements to future plans, maximising the use of your clincal workforce and streamlining service delivery.