Central Reporting

Central Reporting provides powerful online tools for coordinating department rotas in a Trust, reporting on key measures of departmental performance, and streamlining data flows between departments and central teams.


Quickly view the health of both implementing and live departments by seeing how far ahead they are planning their work.


Monitor those with administrative and guest access to each departmental rota and view up to date staff listings from across the Trust with data drawn automatically from departmental rotas.


Interrogate department performance with on-demand generation of charts and heatmaps for various service metrics including extra session usage and planned sessions against delivered sessions.


Track live key performance indicators across each linked department and collect data for NHS Improvement reports.


Central Reporting helps Trusts see how far ahead departments are planning their future activity. Central Reporting also displays staffing levels across the linked services.


Central Reporting allows quick access to linked services, and helps central teams ensure that the rotas are being worked on regularly.


Central Reporting provides easily accessible data on the performance of departments, including heatmaps for extra sessions and leave, and charts showing planned work against achieved work.