All Doctor Rostering

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We provide live operational rotas with integrated leave management to 20% of NHS acute medical and dental staff. Our services improve theatre and clinic utilisation, provide live centralised overviews of oncall activity and flow essential real-time information between doctors, departments and supporting teams. Powerful reporting tools provide data on service delivery and absence. Our best-in-class suite of services integrate together and with other service providers, supporting organisational digital ecosystems.

Expert deployment

Our live, operational rota services have been successfully implemented into more than 120 NHS trusts with departments typically going live on our services within 6-8 weeks.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated support team is committed to working alongside our users to provide the best possible support in an efficient and friendly manner.

NHSE/I Levels of Attainment

Our services help trusts work towards meeting all of NHS England & NHS Improvement's E-rostering Levels of Attainment.

Maximise utilisation of clinics & theatres

Overviews provide the organisation with real-time views of theatres, clinics and oncalls, ensuring better planning and allowing resources to be used more effectively for maximum utilisation.

Integration with ESR and other services

Our PublicAPI allows Trusts to extract departmental data. Our services also integrate with other applications such as data warehousing, other service providers and can also share information with ESR.

All inclusive transparent pricing

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) includes all areas of service delivery. Implementation, ongoing support, feature developments, integration with other services, messaging, attendance at events are all provided as part of the single annual licence fee.

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All Doctor Rostering provides organisations with access to our integrated suite of services for a single annual licence fee which includes, upgrades, implementation, ongoing training and support.

What our users say

"With the ‘Overview’ these issues have been overcome with the automated and real-time feed from every e-rostering department’s On-call activity. The Switchboard team is able to filter to the required department from any one of our 3 hospitals at UHL, and identify with ease and accuracy the current On-call doctor."

Manish Thakrar, Medical e-rostering lead at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

"Medirota allows you to always maximise your utilisation of theatre lists. Having the ability to view several weeks of the rota in advance and highlighting shortfalls in staff levels ahead of notice, allows for better service planning and reducing the element of last minute panic changes."

Sheenagh Bugg, Trauma & Orthopaedics, West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust

"The Medirota system is extremely popular with our Doctors. The ability to check rotas on their phone via an App is especially good along with the ability to volunteer for locums and request annual leave. The overview App also has the potential to be very helpful. The medical team no longer need to spend their time waiting to get through to switchboard and can easily identify and contact on-call teams directly."

Lee Walker, Director of Medicine at University Hospitals NHS Trust

"Medirota has helped us cut our waiting times dramatically by improving staff utilisation and efficiency. It has saved us a lot more money than it cost and we have used it as a driving force to implement change in the department."

Mr Patrick Addison, Plastic Surgery, NHS Lothian

"By monitoring delivered activity against job plans and reporting on outcomes, we’ve been able to provide evidence-based recommendations of where change to job plans is required. Improved service planning [has] led to an annual 46% reduction in our additional session spend"

Anne Morris, Lead Hospital Coordinator, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

"At the end of our first year, we used data taken from CLWRota to inform a capacity and demand piece of work which resulted in efficiency savings of £400k. This was achieved through better planning of working patterns for Staff Grade doctors, and improving the cover against demand of consultant job-plans."

Catherine Johnson, former Directorate Manager Theatres and Anaesthetics, Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals

Procurement and pricing

Our all-inclusive services can be procured for a single annual licence fee by UK organisations with a direct agreement using the NHS Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services (August 2022), or via the Digital Marketplace through G-Cloud 13.

Our services are open to all public hospitals and have specific pricing arrangements for departments in New Zealand and Australia.

More information on pricing is available on our pricing page.

Arrange a demo

To arrange a demonstration of our services, please call 020 7631 1555 or send an email to