Overview sites provide a powerful composite view of real time activity from existing Medirota and CLWRota sites within an organisation, increasing visibility, revealing pressure points and helping to maximise utilisation of shared resources and spaces.

Overview for Theatres, Clinics and Rooms

"We have been able to identify rooms vacated due to clinician leave and ensure they can be offered to other specialties to run additional activity." –Steven Holder, Eastman Dental Hospital

  • Quickly view live rota information across shared spaces in your organisation from multiple departments or services.

  • Look ahead of time to spot vacant clinics and theatres, uncovered sessions and cancellations.

  • Use live rota information to re-utilise theatres and clinics and to maximise room occupancy across the organisation.

  • Locate colleagues working in key areas of the hospital and contact them using the mobile apps.

Overview mobile app


Easily view live rota information across all areas of the organisation.


Identify the staff members from different teams working in shared spaces.


Quickly call or message the relevant people directly, without going through switchboard.

Overview for Oncalls

"The Contact Centre can view all oncall information on one site and feedback has been very positive, noting the improvement on multiple spread sheets from many services, which was often out of date." –Melissa Moser, Auckland DHB, NZ

  • Display oncall, out of hours and weekend work from all departments and services.

  • Identify key staff members at work in crucial areas of the hospital.

  • Look ahead of time to spot gaps in the rota and communicate directly with departments to ensure adequate cover.

  • Locate oncall staff members across the organisation and quickly contact them using the mobile apps.


The Overview helps Trusts see how far ahead departments are planning their future activity and anticipate pressure points in advance.


The Overview allows quick access to mapped service information, and helps teams across the organisation see that the service is being covered and by whom.


The Overview provides an easily accessible way to look at past service cover.