Company name change to Rotamap

Rotamap is eRota's new name

To reflect our aims to help clinical teams to coordinate and collaborate across departments we have changed our company name from eRota to Rotamap.

Helping departments coordinate and collaborate

The Rotamap name change coincides with the release of our tools to allow departments using our CLWRota and Medirota rota management services to map content to each other. Find out more about CLWRota for anaesthetics and Medirota.

Origins of the initiative

The initiative to map rotas was inspired by consultant anaesthetist Dr Mark Cox at Chelsea & Westminster hospital, who said in an interview in early 2015, that

The holy grail would be to coordinate our rota with the surgeon's rota so we can all see what the other is doing. I suppose that's a marker of how separately we are organised. You might have thought as an outsider you could draw up a rota that had all the anaesthetic and surgical activity in it from day one, but that's just not how hospitals work...A huge step forward would be to get all those rotas to populate each other, so we could all see what everyone was doing. Because our management structures are quite separate, its a huge goal.

Mapping rotas

Clients who wish to map rotas between each other or to form new management consoles will be provided with the support to do so as part of our normal service and can typically be done the same day.

Information and Contact

Rotamap retains the same company registration number as eRota, 04551928. For more information please contact the Rotamap team at