Rotamap 2015 March event

On 20 March 2015 we held our first Rotamap event for both CLWRota for anaesthetists and Medirota for surgeons and medics at the Royal Society of Arts in central London.

The event began with a presentation from Robert Lamprell who introduced the day's theme of managing professional groups. This was followed by a talk from David Waboso, a rail integration expert, on the complexities surrounding the management of professionals. Dr J-P van Besouw the president of the Royal College of Anaesthetists gave a compelling introduction to 'Improving Departmental Performance, Better by Design' which segued into Ollie Fielding discussing the latest departmental benchmarking data.

In the afternoon session we heard from Dr Rob Hicks, Clinical Director for Surgery Northampton General Hospital, on management in clinical practice. James Downer, General Manager of Orthopaedics at St George's Hospital, spoke about his experiences implementing CLWRota and Medirota.



The 10 minute highlight video below captures the important themes of the day.

James Downer video

James Downer from St George's hospital discusses his introduction of Medirota in Trauma and Orthopaedics and the savings he hopes to achieve as a result.

Ollie Fielding, Rotamap

Ollie Fielding from Rotamap discussed five different ways of improving department efficiency and looked at the latest benchmarking data.