2013 CLWRota Training & Management Day

The 2013 Training and Management Day was held on Thursday 21 March at the Battlebridge Room at King's Place, the new cultural centre near Kings Cross Station

Clients discuss proposed features at the 2013 Training and Management Day

CLWRota clients discuss proposed features for the CLWRota management console

The morning Training session ran from 10am to 1pm and included training on specific aspects of CLWRota together with demonstrations of new features and usage tips. The session covered:

  • blocking sets
  • the new rota website for mobiles
  • the rota management console
  • the new messaging application
  • general tips and tricks

The after-lunch the Management session ran from 2pm to 5pm and covered the following topics:

  • inter-department benchmarks to the end of February 2013
  • a discussion about approaches and units for department performance accounting
  • using XML data feeds
  • a run-through of the new Medileave application
  • general updates on other developments