CLWRota Annual Forum 2011

Our third annual Forum was held during the afternoon of the 14th of September at the Wellcome Collection in London and was attended by over 55 people from over 30 trusts. Attendees included consultants, managers and administrators, who took the opportunity to listen to the presentations by Dr Tony Beaumont (East Kent), Steve Weston (Aintree) and the CLWRota team, but also to discuss rotas in general and productivity in specific.


The external speakers at the forum were:

  • Steve Weston, Clinical Business Manager, Anaesthetics, Theatres and Critical Care, University Hospital Aintree
    "Deploying CLWRota at University Hospital Aintree"
  • Dr Tony Beaumont, former Clinical Director East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust
    "Managing Productivity using CLWRota"

The CLWRota team spoke in two sessions. The first covered the reporting functions of the service together with new facilities that are to be introduced for reporting on departmental and personnel productivity. The second CLWRota team session concerned new features coming to CLWRota including a new leave booking/request system and overhauled alerts and messaging amongst other features.

The Presentations

  • Steve Weston
    Clinical Manager at University Hospital Aintree, spoke about the process of implementing CLWRota at University Hospital Aintree.
  • Dr Tony Beaumont
    Former Clinical Director for the three departments of the East Kent NHS Hospital Trust, spoke about the process of taking the system on at the three individual departments. He then spoke about how CLWRota was being used to monitor DCC and leave activity across the Trust.

CLWRota presentations

The CLWRota team presented various reports and statistics. The appropriate rate of use of trainee solo sessions in departments caused debate. Cross-departmental statistics used in the presentation showed normalised data across 16 departments and excluded daytime oncall activity. The average solo session rate across the departments surveyed is approximately 7%.

For more information about the solo session rate benchmark, please see the report here.

The CLWRota team also presented the planned improvements to departmental and personnel reports. Other feature previews concerned a new leave booking/request system and a new alerts facility.

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