• Spring 2018 New Features Article

    At our Spring 2018 Event we discussed some of our new features that we released over the last year.

  • Annotations released for CLWRota and Medirota

    Our new 'Annotations' feature has just been released for CLWRota and Medirota, allowing clinicians to make both public and private comments on their rota sessions.

  • Anaesthesia article

    Anonymous data from CLWRota has been used to analyse over 618,000 trainee sessions in the article "An analysis of the delivery of anaesthetic training sessions in the United Kingdom" in Volume 72, Issue 11 of Anaesthesia.

  • Spring 2017 New Features Article

    At our Spring 2017 Event we discussed new features that has been released in the last year along with future ideas on how to improve the service.

  • Rotamap background articles

    The three articles cover some of the main concerns behind our company's development of its software as a service systems for improving collaboration and communication in clinical groups.

  • What the Carter Report means for clinical departments

    The Carter Report, published in February, highlighted high levels of variation across the NHS and set out 15 recommendations on action to be taken. We discuss what this means at a departmental level.

  • App survey results

    This September we conducted a survey to learn what people would most like to see in the CLWRota and Medirota mobile apps.

  • Rotamap 2017 March event

    We will be holding an event at the RSA in central London on 24 March 2017. Please contact us for more information or if you or your colleagues would like to attend.

  • Rotamap 2016 autumn events

    We will be holding two events in Autumn 2016, one in Birmingham and the other in Edinburgh. Please contact us for more information or if you or your colleagues would like to attend one of the autumn events.

  • Rotamap is eRota's new name

    To reflect our aims to help clinical teams to coordinate and collaborate across departments we have changed our company name to "Rotamap".