2FA Release version A: February 2019

Two-factor authentication (2FA) allows departments to configure an extra layer of security when clinicians are logging in to their rota via the CLWRota/Medirota mobile apps. It is used to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account via the apps.

2FA works by:

  • First, checking that your username and password match.
  • Second, sending a six digit one-time-password (OTP) code to the email address associated with your account.
  • Third, requiring this OTP code to be entered in the app to verify your access.

If you have been re-directed here from within the app, this could be because:

  • You have entered an incorrect OTP code too many times.
  • You entered an OTP code that had expired.

If an OTP code expires due to too many failed attempts, a new code will be emailed to your account. This will be sent the next time you attempt to login.

If you do not receive an email with an OTP code when you expect to, please check the spam folder of your email account.