Productivity Reporting in Medirota

The productivity report can be used in Medirota to see how much work someone has done against how much they are planned to deliver. This can be helpful to review service delivery and job plans within the department both retrospectively and at the point of assignment to ensure a fair distribution of work. This guide explains how to configure the report for your department.

Productivity quickstart guide

Reporting Groups

The first step is to create reporting groups for different categories of work. To do this go to the Admin > Groups > Activity Groups page. For each group you make you need to choose the Type as Reporting and choose the number of weeks you would expect the activities to be covered for by each person. Finally, tick the checkboxes against the names of the Activities you wish to include in this group, and press 'Save group'.

For example you may want to create one group for theatres with an expected delivery of 42 weeks which takes into account planned absence. You may also create another group for oncalls with an expected delivery of 52 weeks as that part of the rota is prospectively covered and would be swapped around leave.

Role Configuration

For each role in the system you can have a different configuration for the productivity report viewable live from the rota whilst making assignments.

You can choose whether this role should be accounted for in hours, sessions, PAs, days or count of assignments. The time frame of the report can be configured by choosing a start date, range and period. For example a start date of 01/01/2019 with a range of 1 month, would show the report on a monthly basis starting on the first of every month. Periods can be set in a number of months or weeks, up to 1 year in length.

Choosing a report range appropriate for each role allows you to tailor the results with the most practical benefit when writing the rota. For example you could report on the delivery of consultants through the whole financial year, or on trainees for the duration of their rotation (e.g. showing 6 months from 06/02/2019) or to the length of their oncall rota pattern (e.g. 12 weeks).

Viewing the Report

You can see this report in four different areas of Medirota; from the Reports tab, assignment popup on the Rota by Activity or Multiweek pages, and from the Rota by Person page. From the Reports tab you can view the productivity report for the whole department.

When viewing the report from either the Rota pages or Multiweek, you will only see the accounting value and report date range you setup in the Role configuration. The report will dynamically show information relevant to the reporting period that the session lies within.

The image below gives a detailed explanation of what the report consists of. Please note that Alias sessions are reported separately as they are possibly synchronous with other work.

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