CLWRota, Medirota and Overview apps

The Rotamap apps are available from the Google Play Store for Android phones and on the Apple App Store for iPhones. You can use the buttons below to download them and view the latest guidance for OS compatibility.

Google Play Store Badge Apple App Store Badge

Logging in

When opening the app for the first time, you will reach a login page. The "server" is the URL you use to access the full CLWRota or Medirota website appended with "/app". For instance, for "" the server would be "". Your CLWRota or Medirota username and password remain the same.

Overview iOS Login
CLWRota Android Login
Medirota iOS Login


If you are logged into your Medirota or CLWRota web app in your web browser, you will be able to find a more detailed guide on mobile app functionality via the links below: