Autumn 2020 online forum

Rotamap held its first online forum on Friday 30th October 2020. The forum provided an important opportunity for CLWRota, Medirota and Central Reporting users to meet with members of the Rotamap team, review what had been an unprecedented period in doctor rostering for the NHS, look back on new features released over the past 12 months, and discuss plans for larger ongoing projects.

Iona and Nico opened the morning, bringing attendees up to date on Rotamap’s move to become an employee-owned organisation in February of this year. One of the first decisions taken as an employee-owned company was to offer CLWRota and Medirota at no charge to support departments during the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 60 departments started using Rotamap’s rostering services as a result, and many were able to get up and running within the day. Iona and Nico went on to discuss updates to Rotamap’s services that had been designed specifically to allow departments to stay agile in an ever-changing environment and to alleviate the pressure of administrative tasks when teams’ efforts were required elsewhere. If you would like to learn more about some of the tools released to assist departments with rapid re-organisation of their service then more information can be found here.

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Francesca and Tom from the Rotamap team continued the morning with a presentation on common trends and patterns which they had identified in the use of our services since the first peak of COVID-19. Their talk focused on the striking changes seen in cancellations data, leave data and in individuals’ weekly working patterns over this year. An article with a more in-depth look at this data can be found here.

Next, John Orton, a consultant anaesthetist from Pennine Acute NHS Trust, discussed his and his team’s experience of coping with the impact of COVID-19 and how their use of CLWRota adapted as a result of this. He spoke candidly about the emotional impact the period had on the team, and shared some insightful anecdotes.

Rotamap’s Joel and Jonathan followed John’s talk with their presentation on new features released over the past 12 months for CLWRota and Medirota, as well as for Central Reporting and Overview sites. To hear more about the features discussed, you can watch the below video.

Watch the online forum new features presentation

Watch the online forum new features presentation

Jacob, Tom, Nick and Brian from the Rotamap team then gave short pitches to attendees for some key projects currently in development. Attendees were then invited to join one of two break-out rooms, each dedicated to encouraging direct involvement from our users in providing advice and feedback on the development of these major projects. Tom and Jacob’s break-out session focused on introducing time-based shifts and working time calculations into the systems, and Nick and Brian led discussion on ESR integration and submittals, which will allow departments to send absence and attendance information to central teams and is currently live on CLWRota. To learn more about any of these projects please contact, or call 0207 6311 555.

If you have any questions, or would like to attend the event next time, please contact or call 020 7631 1555.