LetsEncrypt Security Certificate Issues

On the morning of Friday 1 October 2021 we became aware of security certificate problems for some users of our CLWRota and Medirota services. The issue is due to a change in the root certificate used by our certificate provider, LetsEncrypt, and caused service access problems for users who were accessing the internet via out-of-date operating systems, software or servers. The LetsEncrypt announcement is here.

The Rotamap team responded by rapidly purchasing replacement certificates and installing them as a temporary stop-gap measure. Due to the technical superiority of the LetsEncrypt certificates we will switch back to using LetsEncrypt certificates on Thursday 4 November 2021.

Please verify your computer, device or route to the internet before this date. To do so, please visit the LetsEncrypt test page at https://valid-isrgrootx1.letsencrypt.org/ to learn if upgrades are needed. If they are, please get in touch with your local IT department, providing our details if necessary.

Please contact support@rotamap.net or call (+44) 020 7631 1555 if you have any queries about this issue.

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