Rotamap Spring Event New Features

Mobile Apps

We have recently released a number of important features to both iOS and Android platforms of our mobile apps. These include Search, to allow users to quickly pinpoint information on the rota pages; Clinician to Clinician Messaging, which allows departments to turn on messages for clinicians to contact their colleagues directly from within the CLWRota or Medirota app; and Push Notifications, which allow clinicians to receive direct, timely alerts to their mobile device for late notice changes to their rota, decisions about leave bookings, bid offers for extra work, and direct messages.

Search Push Notifications

Clinicians can also now reset their password from within the CLWRota or Medirota app, and departments can choose to enable Two Factor Authentication, which allows departments to configure an additional layer of security for those logging into the rota through the apps.

By person editing

This Medirota release allows Rota Masters to write and edit the rotas on a by person view for any given setup or published week, providing Rota Masters a completely new way to assign clinicians to activity. You can make different types of assignment, make blocking exceptions, and remove people from assignments.

A rota master using by person editing

The video below shows a rota master making changes to a clinician's rota in a setup week on a by person view

Flexi Improvements

The flexi improvements release greatly improved the flexibility, transparency, visibility and reporting features of flexi in CLWRota, while adding the same functionality to Medirota. Rota Masters can now set clinicians' availability for flexi in year (FIY) or flexi in week (FIW) further into the future, capturing repeating patterns across weeks, and with different expectation sets for discrete periods of time.

For any one off adjustments that need to be made to a clinician's flexi delivery, Rota Masters can now update this with a clear log of changes made. One of the most significant additions to the flexi improvements is the popup accessible from the main rota page, where a Rota Master can edit and adjust a clinician's flexi availability and expectation for any setup or published week. They can also view a quick summary of the clinician's flexi delivery so far. All of these features can also now be reported on in greater detail for FIW and FIY, on the department's use of flexi as a whole, and an individual clinician's flexi delivery.

Accounting values in Medirota

Rota administrators now have more control and flexibility over accounting values when assigning clinicians to work. The new values page for each activity allows administrators to tailor specific PA, session and hour values to each activity and can have these differ day to day, as well as between AM, PM, EVE and NIGHT sessions too.

Session Accounting in Medirota

We think this will be really useful for departments who frequently use Flexi or Multiweek, to ensure they can take a more fine tuned approach when making assignments in this way. To ensure this is the case, once activity values have been customised, administrators can also designate which roles should inherit these values.

Central Reporting

Central Reporting is our newest service, and we are continuing to develop this with the needs of central teams in mind. Those we expect to use this service include: HR, Medical Staffing and Implementation Coordination Officers (ICOs).

The service is currently used predominantly by clients of All Doctor Rostering (ADR), but we expect it to also be of use to other trusts with multiple departments using our services.

Central Reporting currently serves as a hub for information which is collated from multiple departments within the same trust. It has a number of useful functions: allowing users to look at the relative health of all rotas from the Status page; providing lists of Admin Users and staff, as well as posts; and also a more in depth view of how individual departments are utilising the service.

Central Reporting Status Page


Notifications were released to ensure we keep all of our users up to date on new and exciting developments, in a way that is immediately visible on logging in to the rota home page, for both CLWRota and Medirota.

If you’re interested in starting to use any of these features or would like any more information please get in touch via

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