Rotamap Spring Event 2017 New Features

Peter Barwick and Tom Kelly started the talk by providing some insight on Rotamap's development aims and processes. The rest of the presentation covered features that had recently been released, those that were in development and finally some ideas the team have for future projects.

Recently Released

Bulk Template Editor

The Bulk Template Editor allows rota masters to select multiple templates and edit them simultaneously to give them all a common attribute such as an end date. This allows templates to be edited far quicker.

Post Assignments

Previously assignments to a post could only be done through the main rota. With the new page under the Posts tab, users no longer need to navigate to a not setup week on the main rota but can manage all aspects of a post in one place. For the first time, historic assignments to posts can also be viewed.

Bidding Allowed

Medirota and CLWRota's internal bank system, Bids, allows for uncovered sessions to be offered out to selected clinicians who aren't working at the time of that session. In some instances however, departments may want clinicians who're on the rota to be able to respond (e.g over assignments to an 'Off day'). The creation of a 'Bidding allowed' setting on certain activities/locations means that clinicians working in these areas can request to work.

Logins for Extras on CLWRota

Some departments use 'Extra' profiles for internal bank staff on zero hours contracts. Staff under 'Extras' can now login with a personal profile to benefit from features such as Bids and the messaging service as well as being able to view their activity.

Rota Viewing Access Levels

If a department wants to provide access to their rota for either a guest or an extra, they can now tailor what sort of visibilty this user gets. It may be that the user should only see rotas when they're finalised e.g published, or perhaps they need to see further in advance and should therefore have access to setup weeks as well. With Rota Viewing Access Levels, the department can configure this on a per user basis.

Upcoming Features

- Redesigned android app

- Improving the speed of CLWRota

- Default views of the rota

- Medirota leave requests

- Accounting Values

Future Ideas

- Private notes for clinicians

- App profile pages

- Email alerts for leave

- Trust overview

- Study leave cost fields

If you’re interested in starting to use any of these features or would like any more information please get in touch via

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