Articles about the background of Rotamap's project

The following three articles cover some of the main concerns behind our company's development of its software as a service systems for improving collaboration and communication in clinical groups.

The first article, In praise of a system approach for professionals discusses aspects of team collaboration, particularly in a clinical setting. The article includes a discussion of some of the themes from Atul Gawande's 2014 Reith lecture and his book "The Checklist Manifesto" and relates these to our experience of working at NHS Trusts and ideas from presentations made at our forum events, such as Dr William Wight's presentation in 2012.

The second article, The many challenges that confront adopting a systematic, collaborative approach continues from the topics established in the first article to answer questions such as the mistrust professionals sometimes have of systems and related administrative work. The article draws on insights from David Waboso, clinicians Dr Mark Cox and Dr Neil Braude amongst others, and discusses organisational models that may hinder or assist clinicians. One possibility, Waboso suggests, is to put the tools to aid collaboration into the hands of the professionals themselves.

The third and final article, The qualities and benefits of collaboration focuses on the benefits of establishing a collaborative approach for clinicians, their institutions and their patients in the light of some of the techniques introduced in the first article, set against the barriers to adopting such techniques noted in the second article. The article sets out some of cultural shifts that may be required in clinical groups to effect change, and the benefits of better communication, collaboration that are likely to bring to individual clinicians. Additionally, the article suggests the value of clinicians engaging in the design of their service as a whole.

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