Rotamap Autumn Event 2020 : New Features

Our first online forum was held on Friday the 30th of October 2020. The event covered some of the ways departments dealt with the COVID surge in the early part of 2020, Rotamap's response, a discussion of plans for some of our larger ongoing projects, and new features released into the system. This articles lists some of the items covered in the new features talk, a video of which is below.


Improvements to the daily rota in the overview

Improvements to the daily rota in the overview


Joel and Jonathan from Rotamap presented the new features which have been released in Medirota, CLWRota, Central Reporting and the Overview. The list of features covered in the talk include the following list below. Note that timings refer to times in the event video at the end of this article.

External recipients

The external recipients feature has been extended to monitor submitted, withdrawn and cancel-requested leave requests, and to monitor cancellations.
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Extra leave links provide a facility for automatic adjustment to leave allowances when assigning an extra.
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Flexi Bids

Bids may be offered specifically to flexi staff, and those responding to bids in the system may do so as flexible-in-a-week (FIW) or flexible-in-a-year (FIY) when appropriate. This feature also supports self-rostering.
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Further to the note about flexi bids above, the bids system has also been extended to specify response types when sending bids.
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Leave requests

The leave request system has been extended to allow:

  • Clinicians can withdraw leave requests (see video)
  • For custom leave allowances to be set (see video)
  • To add 'show expenses' field to custom leave types (see video)
  • The capacity summary privides a filter by people group, location group and by speciality (see video)
  • Leave books can be set to close automatically regardless of week setup (see video)

Jonathan and Joel also covered some other features that do not have specific documentation, including the Daily rota view for Medirota (see video), Multiweek By Person editing (see video) and Multiweek By People Group editing (see video).

Watch the online forum new features presentation

Watch the online forum new features presentation

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