Rotamap Autumn Event New Features

At our recent Autumn Event we discussed many of the new features that we have released over the past few months. These features have focused on making information in our services more visible at a point where it is most valuable for users of CLWRota, Medirota, Central Reporting and Overview sites.

Post assignments

Rota Masters on Medirota sites can now see clinician post assignments and post coverage end dates via the Posts table, providing Rota Masters with information about assignments at a glance.

Posts Table in Medirota

Central Reporting has been similarly updated, with the Posts page now containing the Post Assignments table. Central teams can now see which posts individuals are assigned to and the dates of assignment within a department.

In both cases this also highlights where department vacancies are, which is valuable information on a departmental and trust basis.

Post Assignments Table in Central Reporting

Title mapping

We have extended our Mapping feature, which allows the sharing of live information between rotas and to Overview sites, so that titles added to sessions can now also be mapped. Titles are often used to provide contextual information and so mapping them allows a greater level of information to be shared between departments and teams.

Leave improvements

We have made a number of improvements to Leave in both Medirota and CLWRota. By providing greater context for Rota Masters this supports better informed decisions around individual leave requests.

Leave in Medirota has been improved with the addition of a leave pool popup. The popup gives a 'by leave pool' breakdown of other leave requests that exist within the department for the same date and session, as well as the activity for those scheduled to work.

This can be accessed by clicking into any session on the leave pools summary page or in the leave impact table situated within individual leave requests.

Leave Pool Popup in Medirota

CLWRota has been improved to display the current staffing capacity for a department for the time period of a leave request under review. This indicates if the department can meet its service demand before approving or rejecting leave.

Capacity is calculated based on the number of Consultants in the Available location, and Demand calculated based on the number of sessions requiring Consultant cover. Admin capacity is also highlighted as this may provide oppurtunity for reutilisation of resources. The capacity summary is located below "Personal leave totals" within an individual leave request.

Capacity Summary in CLWRota

In both CLWRota and Medirota, when reviewing an individual leave request you are now able to see any overlapping rejected requests, as well as overlapping submitted requests awaiting a decision.

Finally, leave request decision notes are now included in the messages sent to clinicians when leave is approved or rejected. This allows Rota Masters to better communicate their reasoning around leave decisions to clinician users.

Bids by Group

We have included the functionality to be able to send bid offers to people groups in order that Rota Masters can provide the opportunity for cross-cover between grades and specialities where it is deemed appropriate.

The original functionality, for bids to send only to those matching their role demand, is also still present.

Oncall rotas tab

To increase the visibility of Oncall duties in the department, we have introduced a dedicated Oncall rotas tab for clinician, Guest User and Manager profiles on CLWRota. These users can now view the department's Oncall work independently from the main rota in either a "By week" or "By rota" read-only view. Clinicians can also make use of the existing "Oncall requests" feature to state their Not Oncall preference.

Oncall Rotas Tab Clinician View

Planned activity: mobile apps

Users of our mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms are now able to view their planned upcoming work before Rota Masters setup or publish weeks. This allows clinicians to better plan their clinical and personal commitments.

There is a clear distinction between planned templates and actual work, with non-setup weeks labelled as 'Pre-setup' and session details stating that work is 'Planned activity'.

Planned Templates Rota View Planned Templates Session View

Productivity report

The productivity report gives the ability to compare expected vs. achieved activity. This previously existed within the Reports tab but has now been included at the point of assignment to an activity, to provide a dynamic insight into an individual's working in order to inform said assignments.

This can be helpful to review service delivery and job plans within the department both retrospectively and at the point of assignment to ensure a fair distribution of work.

For further information on how to configure the productivity report please see our Medirota Productivity Report guide.

External recipients

The External Recipients feature provides a way of communicating approved or cancelled leave to individuals who do not typically have access to a department's rota.

Previously, External Recipients could monitor people and locations/activities. Its functionality has now been extended to allow dynamic monitoring of roles and people and location/activity groups.

If you’re interested in starting to use any of these features or would like any more information please get in touch via

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