• iPhone and Android Apps

    Get up and running with CLWRota or Medirota on your smartphone.

  • Annotations

    'Annotations' for CLWRota and Medirota allow clinicians to make both public and private comments on their rota sessions.

  • Bids

    Offer out uncovered sessions to individuals or people groups, then collect and review their responses.

  • Leave Requests: Clinician guide

    How to create, submit, cancel and edit leave requests on CLWRota and Medirota.

  • Leave Requests: Full overview

    How to manage leave requests and assess their impact on service delivery.

  • PublicAPI

    Extracting department data from CLWRota or Medirota in XML format for integration with other services.

  • Messages

    The CLWRota and Medirota messaging system reduces the overhead of coordinating complicated rotas by automatically notifying people of updates that affect them.

  • Flexi

    Flexi Improvements allow departments to accomodate flexible job plans and working patterns, using Flexi in Year (FIY) and Flexi in Week (FIW).

  • Two Factor Authentication

    How to use two factor authentication for increased security when logging in to the mobile apps.

  • Medirota Productivity Report

    The productivity report can be used to track someones expected and actual delivery of their job plan. This can be viewed as a report or on assignment.