Rotamap is an employee-owned company that provides software as a service for hospitals. We are committed to helping clinical groups, primarily in public hospitals, to collaborate, communicate and report more effectively.

Rotamap Services

The set of services which Rotamap provides are designed to improve staff resourcing and are used in healthcare organisations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Rotamap provides the following rostering services and associated coordination and reporting tools:

  • CLWRota: rota management service for anaesthetics departments
  • Medirota: rota management service for surgical, clinical and medical departments
  • Trust-wide doctor rostering: an arrangement that allows NHS Trusts to use our services across their entire medical workforce for an all-inclusive annual fee
  • Overview: websites displaying rota information from multiple departments in one place
  • Central reporting: a set of powerful online tools for coordinating department rotas in an entire hospital or healthcare organisation
Rotamap services

Additional services include mobile apps, a messaging feature for keeping departments and users in touch with each other, department and staff productivity reporting, the bids feature which acts as an internal bank allowing hospitals to offer out uncovered sessions to individuals or people groups, and a leave booking system.

Departments are also able to share live rota information with each other via ‘Mapping’. This can improve interdepartmental communication and coordination, and maximise the utilisation of shared resources. Rotamap provides a single umbrella under which these applications and services can operate.


Rotamap started with the development of CLWRota by Campbell-Lange Workshop and the anaesthetics department of South Manchester Hospital (the Wythenshawe) in 2005 under the direction of Drs. Neil Braude and Nick Wisely. CLWRota started being used by the department to run departmental rotas in 2007.

Medirota was initially developed for the Whittal Street Sexual Health Clinic in Birmingham. Work began in 2010 on the new system and the system was in production later that year.

In 2013, Campbell-Lange Workshop became eRota Ltd., in order to focus purely on NHS rostering applications.

In June 2016 the company name was changed from eRota to Rotamap to recognise the importance of integrated rotas and the degree to which clinicians depend on up-to-date information across their teams in order to collaborate better.

Rotamap became an employee owned and operated company in February 2020.


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